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Restorative Interior Cleaning

The majority of the time, Our Interior Deep Clean service can get the job done and get your car back to like-new condition. It's one of our more popular services.

But, sometimes there's a car that needs a little more work than your average condition. This is Restorative Interior Cleaning

If you think your car is too dirty for us, rest assured we have worked on some pretty bad cars and have had great results!

"We had a mold problem that seemed daunting"

We had a mold problem that seemed very daunting. Joe and Tristin did an incredible job getting the car back to clean and made good suggestions to be sure the car would stay that way. Their techniques were not ones I knew about. I highly recommend this team..

-Ron Wilkinson

So what's the difference?

With the Restorative Cleaning, we do everything that we normally do in the (Interior Deep Clean), but we do it twice as much, because the condition is that much worse.

We will end up doing more passes with the extractor, scrub more, and use different techniques to get things clean. We often repeat parts of our process multiple times during this service.

Here's the process

Step 1,

We start by removing any loose items, setting aside personal items and throwing away any obvious trash

Step 2,

Using a combination of various brushs, compressed air, and a vacuum, we thoroughly vacuum the entire interior

Step 3,

Using dedicated fabric cleaners and a commerical hot water extractor, we shampoo the seats, carpets and floor mats

Step 4,

If you have leather seats, we use a dedicated leather brush to clean the built up grease and dirt, and condition the leather to prevent cracking, add some shine, and make your leather softer

Step 5,

With a long hair brush, scrubbing pads, and steam, we meticulously clean your plastics; panels, dash, console, foot pedals, trim, etc

Step 5,

Interior glass cleaned; Windows, mirrows, vanity, screens

Step 7,

We do a final vacuum to pick up anything we knocked loose, and do any final touch-ups

We aren't here to judge you. Whether its been a year, or 10 years since you've last cleaned your car, we are here to take care of you and would be more than happy to do it.

Restorative Interior Cleaning FAQs

  • Will my seats and carpets be drenched in fabric?

    No! Although we may do multiple passes with our extractor, we only use enough water to get the job done and don't over do it.

  • Do you need access to water and power?

    Yes. We are still in the baby phase of our business and one of our limitations is we do not carry our own water and power. We will need access to water and power.

  • Will those remove odors?

    While it will definitely improve the way your interior smells, depending on the odor, it may need a dedicated (Odor Treatment)

  • Do you remove the seats?

    With this service, we most likely will unless there is some restrictions preventing us.

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