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It's been a while since you've cleaned your car, hasn't it?

Don't worry! We can handle just about anything you can through at us. The Interior Deep Clean is meant to get your interior to the best condition possible. We leave no stone unturned. We scrub, steam, shampoo, and extract everything we can and leave everything looking new.

If it can be cleaned, we will clean it.

Can every last mark, stain, and blemish be removed? Unfortunately, no. Depending on the type of the stain, how long it's been there, and what material it is on, many stains won't be removed perfectly.

Regardless, we will do our very best to reduce the appearance of it.

When it comes to scuffs and scrapes, we are unable to do anything to repair them.

In our years of detailing, we have cleaned over a hundred vehicles and have seen just about everything. It would be difficult to surprise us. Please, do not worry if you think your vehicle is "too dirty" to clean. We have the necessary tools, products, and experience to handle just about any situation.

If you don't think your car needs this much love, we suggest our Mini Interior Detail or our Full Interior Cleaning

Here's the process

Step 1,

We start by removing any loose items, setting aside personal items and throwing away any obvious trash

Step 2,

Using a combination of various brushs, compressed air, and a vacuum, we thoroughly vacuum the entire interior

Step 3,

Using dedicated fabric cleaners and a commerical hot water extractor, we shampoo the seats, carpets and floor mats

Step 4,

If you have leather seats, we use a dedicated leather brush to clean the built up grease and dirt, and condition the leather to prevent cracking, add some shine, and make your leather softer

Step 5,

With a long hair brush, scrubbing pads, and steam, we meticulously clean your plastics; panels, dash, console, foot pedals, trim, etc

Step 5,

Interior glass cleaned; Windows, mirrows, vanity, screens

Step 7,

We do a final vacuum to pick up anything we knocked loose, and do any final touch-ups

We aren't here to judge you. Whether its been a year, or 10 years since you've last cleaned your car, we are here to take care of you and would be more than happy to do it.

Here's the cost:

Pricing is based on size, condition, and type of vehicle.








(Full-size SUV/Trucks)


Interior Deep Clean FAQs

  • Do you come to me?

    Yes! I come to your location to provide our Interior Deep Clean. We service Portland, Clackamas, Oregon City, Milwaukie, Gladstone, Gresham, Happy Valley, Lake Oswego, West Linn, and surrounding areas.

  • How long does this service take?

    This is one of our longer services, taking 3-6 hours depending on the size, the condition, and how many detailers

  • How long will it take for my seats and carpets to dry?

    If it's relatively warm and dry outside, it should be 80% dry by the time we are done. If it's cloudy or raining, then it'll take longer to dry.

  • Do you need access to water and power?

    Yes. We are still in the baby phase of our business and one of our limitations is we do not carry our own water and power. We will need access to water and power.

  • Can you remove every stain?

    No. Due to the nature of some stains and the material they are on, they may have dyed the material. If that's the case, there is no amount of cleaning that will fully remove it although it will look tremendously better. We have the knowledge and expertise to handle most situations, but some stains won't come out all the way.

  • Do you remove the seats?

    Depending on the situation, we may have to remove the seats to deal with a bad spill or a particular nasty spot, although we don't typically do so on 99% of our details.

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