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Thorough Engine Bay Cleaning in Portland

Remove the leaves, dirt, and dust

Your Engine Bay Will Look So Much Better

Getting ready for a car meet? Want to sell your car? or maybe a mouse built a nest?

This Engine Bay cleaning service will your car look better and remove any dust and debris from the top of the engine bay.

Heres what we do:

Inspect the engine bay

We look for any sensitive areas, or anything that may be of concern to us or you.

Cover sensitive Areas

Things like the alternator, battery, and intake depending on the car

Spray and Agitate

We use a lower pressure tip and a variety of brushes and cleaners

Blow out water and dry

We use an air compressor to blow out the entire engine bay and dry out the tight spots

Touch ups and Dressing

Finishing this service, we touch up any areas that may need it and apply dressing to the plastic panels.

A lot of people are worried about cleaning their engine bay themselves as they may break or damage something. While most modern engines have no trouble being exposed to water, they can still be damaged if you dont have the proper tools, skills, and techniques.

So have us clean your engine, and leave it to the professionals!

Notice: The Engine Bay cleaning must be paired with either our "Regular" Wash or Wash & Machine Wax service

Here's the cost:

Pricing may vary depending on complexity, type, and condition of the engine bay.


Engine Bay Cleaning FAQs

  • How long does this service take?

    It adds about an hour to the service.

  • Are you using water on the engine bay?

    Yes, although sometimes no. On most modern engines, it is completely fine to use water as long as you dont drown it. We only use as much water as we need. For the older engines, we may have to use a combination of compressed air and steam.

  • Do you need access to water and power?

    Not entirely.  We have access to our own water and power, but depending on the job, and our current water supply, we may ask to hookup to your water spigot.

  • There's an oil leak/spill. Can you clean that up?

    If the engine bay is covered in grease or there's been a spill, unfortunately, no. There is only so much we are able to clean and keep contained while being mobile.