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On-site service requires an accessible water and power source

Interior/Exterior Packages


Starting at $195


  • Wheel faces/barrels, tires, and wells cleaned
  • Prerinse soak to remove heavy dirt
  • Snow-foam soak and hand wash
  • Hand Dried
  • 2-4 Month sealant applied for uv protection, water beading, and gloss.


  • Thorough Vacuum
  • Plastics Cleaned (Door panels, trim, cupholders, console, dash, etc
  • Glass Cleaned


Starting at $250

Refresh Package +

  • Clean door jambs
  • Clay bar treatment (removed dirt, overspray, embedded particles, etc.)
  • Sap and Bug removal
  • 4-6 month ceramic-boosted sealant on body & glass
  • 3-month sealant on wheel faces


Starting at $350

Reshine Package +

  • Spot Treatment of stains
  • Carpet and Seats shampooed
  • Hot Water Extraction of carpet and seats
  • Leather seats cleaned and conditioned

Exterior Detailing Services

Wash, Clay, Seal

Protect and Preserve your car from the winter elements with the power of a Sio2, or Ceramic, sealant!

Exterior Detail

  • Door jambs, tires, and wheels cleaned
  • Bug Remover
  • Sap Removal
  • Clay Bar Treatment to remove bonded contaminants and bring back some shine
  • Ceramic-boosted Sealant to preserve and protect your freshly detailed vehicle.

  • Sedans/Compacts — Starting at $100
  • MidSized SUV/ Compact Truck — Starting at $120
  • FullSized SUV/ Large Truck — Starting at $140

Headlight Restoration

Are you tired of not being able to see at night? Foggy Headlights ruining your look?

Oxidized Headlights can impact your lights reach by up to 80%! By removing this "dead skin" on your headlights with a heavy compound, or in more severe cases, fine sandpaper, the clarity is brought back once again!

  • Level 1 Restoration — $60 per set
    (Yellowing, less severe) 
  • Level 2 Restoration — $80 per set
    (Coating Peeling, Rough texture, severe)
  • Level 3 Restoration — $90 per set
    (same as above but with irregular shaped, or bulbous headlights)

Glass Treatment

Can't see when it's raining? With a quality window treatment, water will bead and repel off the surface at driving speeds, leading to increased visibility during rain.

This Treatment includes glass cleaning, waterspot removal, and the treatment.

  • Windshield Only — $50
  • Windshield and Rear window — $100
  • All Glass — $150

Interior Detailing Services

Interior Detailing

Starting at $150
  • Thorough Vacuum
  • Dog Hair Removed
  • Plastics Steam Cleaned (Door panels, trim, cupholders, console, dash, etc
  • Glass Cleaned
  • Door jambs wiped down

Interior Detailing with Hot Water Extraction

Starting at $250
  • Thorough Vacuum
  • Dog Hair Removed
  • Spot Stain Treatment
  • Carpet and Seat Shampoo
  • Hot Water Extraction
  • Plastics Steam Cleaned (Door panels, trim, cupholders,console, dash, etc)
  • Glass Cleaned
  • Door Jambs Wiped Down

Al A Carte Shampoo/Extraction

Starting at $100

Spill a coffee getting to work?

Kids got a little too crazy?

Thorough Vacuum, Spot Stain Treatment and Hot Water Extraction of specific areas!

  • Driver/Passenger/Rear Bench Seat $100+
  • Add 3rd Row Seats $35+
  • Carpets $100+
  • Carpets and Seats (No plastic or glass cleaning) $175+


More happy customers who enjoyed a quality car detailing house-call


Regular Joe's Detailing is fantastic!! He is kind and hardworking! He got my 3-kid transporting, full of softball dirt, animal hauling, very dirty vehicle Sparkling and Beautiful!! My chrome shines and it feels like a new car again! Thank you! OH, and I didn't have to drive anywhere! He came to my house and it was amazing! If you need your vehicle cleaned and shined call Joe! He's trustworthy and so knowledgeable about how to keep your car fresh!! Definitely recommend!

— Julie Caverly

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