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Paint Overspray Removal On Car in Portland

Painters ruin your day?

See some weird specs on your paint, and the texture feels a little rough? If you recently just had your house painted, or parked near a construction site, chances are the wind carried the particles of paint and they landed on your car.

Its more like than likely in a few places; glass, trim, paint, wheels, etc... it's definitely not a fun thing to see, let alone remove.

That being said, not all specks and surface texture is paint overspray, and can be other types of contaminents.

Park under a tree?

Leaving your car parked under a tree for a while will lead to the inevitable: tree sap. While ugly, this sap is also very acidic, which can cause severe damage to your paint underneath. The acidity eats away at your paint over time leaving marks in the paint, and if left untreated for a long time, can eat all the way through the paint, causing permanent damage.

Depending on how long the sap has been on the surface, and how much of it is on there, this can be a lengthy process and if done improperly, can damage the paint even more.

Don't do more Harm than Good

Using abrasives, like a scrubbing pad, magic eraser or razor blades, can severely scratch and mar the paint around the spot and thin out your clear coat, which is not only hard to look at, but can lead to clear coat failure down the road.

We have see this countless times and if gone too far, your only option is to repaint the surface. But there's a solution.

Using gentle techniques and products, we can safely work our way through the contaminants. Sometimes its easy like on your glass, but other areas like your trim can be tricky to remove and is not always 100% possible.

Usually, even with safe methods, there will be minor marring, or very small and thing scratches, in the paint. Due to this, we lightly polish the affected areas to remove the marring.

With that being said, if you aggressively scratch your car trying to do it yourself, we will need to do a more aggressive paint correction to remove or reduce those scratches.

This is what we do:

Step 1,

We wash the vehicle, including the wheels, tires, and wheel wells.

Step 2,

Start the process by using various methods depending on the situation; clay bar, adhesive remover, razor blades for glass, etc

Step 3,

Snow foam soak and rinse to remove loosened contaminants

Step 4,

Light polish to remove any mars, etching, or marks left by the process

Step 5,

Hand dry the vehicle and use an air blower on the cracks and crevices

Step 6,

Apply a sealant for shine and protection. Should last 1-3 months

Step 7,

Glass cleaned, and tires shined on request. (Matte or Non-Oil Glossy)

This service in itself is good enough to get your car to back to how it was (or better!). If you'd like to increase the overall appearance of your vehicle, we suggest a

Here's the cost:

This can be tricky as every situation is different, please call for a specific quote.

Starting at


Paint Overspray/Tar/Sap Removal FAQs

  • How long does this service take?

    It's hard to say before we get a chance to start removing it. This can take 3 hours or it can take 8 hours. Every car is different.

  • Can you remove the overspray from the glass, plastic, wheels, etc

    Generally speaking, yes. Most of the time we are able to remove it from the paint, glass, wheels, etc but sometimes we are unable to remove it 100% without damaging the areas on sensitive parts, like matte plastic trim. As always, we follow the detailer's philosophy; Start from the least aggressive option and go from there. Our ultimate goal is to preserve your vehicle, not make short term improvements that you'll regret later.

    Some areas are more problematic or troublesome than others, especially depending on the severity of the situation.

  • Does a rubbing/cutting compound remove it?

    Sometimes, but usually no. You can try with a soft towel and some compound and it may do something but you won't see a significant difference.