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Automotive Detailing, Done Right

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Your Dedicated Portland Mobile Car Detailer

With over 100+ vehicles served, and a 5.0 Star rating on Google, I can handle all your needs.

There's nothing Regular about it.

My Most Popular Services

Full Interior Cleaning

Experience the ultimate transformation with our Full Interior Cleaning service. Have the kids left their mark with food and crumbs? Is your car longing for that fresh, new-car look? Look no further! Joe is here to restore your vehicle to its former glory.

As my most popular Interior service, I take pride in delivering that new-car feel you've been yearning for. Whether it's your beloved daily driver, hardworking work truck, or the trusty kid wagon, I have the expertise to make your interior significantly better.

With over 100+ Vehicles serviced, there's nothing that can't surprise me. I have seen and done it all.

Starting at $120
Side shot of a Volkswagen on a sunny day after getting a hand wash

Gloss Enhancement Polish

Introducing my premium Gloss Enhancement Polish. Treat your car to a rejuvenating experience that I guarantee will leave it sparkling and protected.

My meticulous process begins with a thorough wash, followed by a gentle clay bar treatment to remove embedded contaminants. Then, I polish off the oxidation and grime, ensuring a brilliant shine and a smooth-as-silk finish.

Feel the pride as your paint gleams like never before! Book your appointment now and give your car the love it deserves.

Starting at $205

Headlight Restoration

Driving with foggy, oxidized headlights is like wearing dirty glasses. You can't see anything. Impacting the light by up to 80%, the oxidation just makes it plain dangerous to drive at night.

You may see those cure-all cleaners that seem to just remove the oxidation with ease, or the kits you can buy over the counter. But those don't last and they can be damaging to your headlights as well.

Using the proper methods, and sealing it a ceramic coating, your cars eyes will have 20/20 vision for years to come.

Starting at $100
Side by side comparison of oxidized headlights (left) and restored headlights (right)

5.0 Star Rated on Google

  • "Joe is a big hit with us..."

    Joe showed up on time and ready to go. He greeted us with his big warm smile and quickly got to work. He had his work cut out for him, as my husband is a snacker. Joe worked diligently and swiftly, he barely took a break. This young man takes his work seriously, his work is meticulous. My goodness, We couldn’t believe our eyes, he actually returned this snack shack to showroom quality. Joe is a big hit with us and we will tell everyone we know to call Joe’s detailing business when their ready for a new car, without the new car payment.

    -Melissa Everett
  • "...such a good experience with Joe!"

    I had such a good experience with Joe! My carpets were embarrassingly gross and while other companies kept trying to sell me packages with a whole bunch of things I didn’t want, Joe listened to my needs/concerns and gave me a quote for just what I asked for. My carpets look and smell SO much better. I didn’t know they could ever be that clean again. Thank you!!!

    -Katie Doherty
  • "...he loved my vehicle as much as I do."

    Joe is awesome. There’s no one else I would ever let touch my vehicle again he loved my vehicle as much as I do. If not more this guy is great and please anybody that needs any detailing done. Please contact Joe he’s awesome.

    -Michael Harvey
  • "...look(s) like the day we drove it off the CarMax lot."

    Joe made our 2015 Sante Fe look like the day we drove it off the CarMax lot. He is friendly and thorough. His detail met all my expectations and he took care of any concerns I expressed. I will be using Joe’s services again in the future.

    -Jim Bowles
  • "[He] produced a finished product that has me smiling ear to ear!"

    Great communication from the start, Joe was on time, and fair in his recommendation for the car based on my goals. He worked hard for multiple hours and produced a finished product that has me smiling ear to ear! I would definitely recommend his services to anyone needed a car detail inside or out.

    -Carl Berenson
  • "... incredible job getting the car back to clean..."

    We had a mold problem that seemed very daunting. Joe and Tristin did an incredible job getting the car back to clean and made good suggestions to be sure the car would stay that way. Their techniques were not ones I knew about. I highly recommend this team..

    -Ron Wilkinson
  • "...he did an amazing job."

    Recommend, he did an amazing job.Very professional. He arrived on time, very hard worker and super friendly.

    -Bella Orozco
  • "I had dog hair, drool, dog vomit stain, kid vomit stain, sand, dirt, pine needles, dust..."

    My truck interior was in pretty bad shape. It was way overdue for a detail. He was able to address all my concerns and problem areas. I had dog hair, drool, dog vomit stain, kid vomit stain, sand, dirt, pine needles, dust, and whatever that was left behind by the teens and toddlers! My 2020 GMC looked like it did when I drove it off the car lot almost 3 years ago! I was really impressed with his attention to detail and the final results.

    -Jennifer Orfield
  • "...made my car look brand new!"

    Joe was wonderful to work with and made my car look brand new! I couldn't ask for more.

    -Jackson Valentine
  • "Both vehicles now look brand new..."

    Excellent work! Joe is prompt, communicates everything, very detail oriented. Pricing is great. Both vehicles now look brand new and we will be calling Joe again to keep them looking this nice! Great job Joe. Thank you so much.

    -T Jones
  • "...the wait was definitely worth it!!"

    Due to the weather, Joe had to reschedule a couple of times but the wait was definitely worth it!! While Joe took his time and informed me on a couple of things, he did an AMAZING job!! He was very personal-able and detail oriented. I will definitely refer him to my friends and family who need their car detailed.

    -D M
  • "...made it look easy."

    Joe was very hard working with an acute attention to detail! Very knowledgeable and efficient, made it look easy. I have a black GMC Sierra and it looks like a mirror! Unbelievable how good of a job he did. Thank you very much Joe! The pictures do not show the reality of the quality done.

    -Matt Wadsworth
  • "We are extremely happy with the outcome."

    We are glad Joe worked on our 2021 Rav4. It was great even over the phone as Joe answered and explained about the process. Joe showed up even earlier than our scheduled appointment. He did a complete detail package and the car looks brand new again. He took his time to do all of the nooks and crannies. We are extremely happy with the outcome. I am glad Joe will be working on our cars from now on. Great job and kudos to Joe!!!!!

    -Huey Nguyen
  • "My car looks brand new and is in Showroom condition."

    I hired Joe to refresh my 2015 Honda Accord and WOW! My car looks brand new and is in Showroom condition. He definitely exceeded my expectations. I should also mention how Joe was on time, well organized and clearly takes knowledgeable about his craft. Thanks Joe!

    -Brad Kilby

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    Some of our other services

    "Regular" Wash

    Small $75+ | Medium $85+ | Large $105+

    Entry Level | Maintenance

    -Wheel faces, barrels, wells, and tires cleaned

    -Body snow foamed, hand washed, crevices brushed

    -Hand dried, water in crevices blown out

    -3+ Month paint sealant applied

    -Tire dressing upon request (glossy or matte)

    Wash & Machine Wax

    Small $150+ | Medium $170+ | Large $185+

    Standard Exterior | Preservation

    -Wheel faces, barrels, wells, and tires cleaned

    -Body snow foamed, hand washed, crevices brushed

    -Clay Bar Treatment on glass and paint

    -Hand dried, water in crevices blown out

    -6 Month Wax/Sealant applied by machine

    -Tire dressing upon request (glossy or matte)

    Interior Deep Clean

    Small $165+ | Medium $190+ | Large $220+

    Deep Clean | Rejuvenation

    -Carpets blown out with compressed air and detailed vacuumed

    -Carpets and Seats shampoo'd and extracted with commerical grade hot water extractor

    -Leather/Vinyl Seats Cleaned and Conditioned

    -Plastics cleaned (trim, doors, dash, cupholders, etc)

    -Door jambs cleaned

    -Rubber floor mats cleaned, carpeted mats vacuumed

    -Glass, Screens, Mirror cleaned

    Restorative Interior Cleaning

    Price on Quote

    This service includes everything in the Interior Deep Clean, but is reserved for the neglected, disastrous, or otherwise in poor condition vehicles. The service involves repeating parts of the process multiple times, steam cleaning, and an odor/sanitizing treatment.

    Overspray/Tar/Sap Removal

    Price varies on severity

    With most exterior details, these sorts of things are addressed, but there are times when it's particularly bad. When it becomes severe, it becomes a long, yet delicate process to remove everything while damaging the paint as less as possible. Most of the time, there will be etching from the sap, or marring from removal of the overspray or tar, they will need to be polished.

    Oversized Wash

    Price on quote

    Do you find it difficult to take your RV, Trailer, or Boat to get it washed, or do it yourself? Let me bring the wash to you!

    Joe strives to create the best experience he can offer.

    Appointment Confirmation

    You'll receive a confirmation text the day before our arrival.

    Satisfaction Guarantee

    If you aren't happy, I'm not happy. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with every detail.

    Friendly Service

    I treat every car like my own, and I treat you like family.

    Clear Communication

    You will have all the information you need to understand what will fit your needs and budget.

    Mobile Services

    Skip the hassle of taking it to a shop, and bring the shop to you.

    Honest Work

    I won't try to trick you into getting something you don't need/want, or cut you short on your service.

    Never Settle for Dirt: Sign Up for Regular Joe's Car Care Plan

    Do you love your car?

    If the hustle and bustle keeps you from keeping your car clean and protected, Regular Joe's Detailing has the perfect solution! Introducing my exclusive Regular Joe's Car Care Plan- your ticket to a sparkling, well-maintained ride without the hassle!

    Imagine never having to worry about the state of your car's appearance again.

    With my subscription service, you'll enjoy the luxury of having a professionally detailed and pristine car every single month, all year round. I take care of the hard work, so you can focus on what matters most in your life.

    I love your car like it was my own, and will treat your vehicle like royalty. From the gleaming exterior to the immaculate interior, no corner will be left untouched. I use top-of-the-line, eco-friendly products to ensure your car's finish remains as stunning as the day you bought it.

    But it's not just about looks! My maintenance detailing service goes beyond aesthetics. I apply premium protective coatings that are designed to shield your car from the elements, preventing the paint from fading, and harmful UV rays. Your car will not only look great but will also stay in best possible condition, retaining it's value for years to come.

    Convenience is the name of the game.

    Forget about driving to the car wash or spending hours on DIY detailing. With my membership, I come to you, wherever you are, whether it's at your home or office. No more wasted time and effort - just sit back, relax, and let me work my magic.

    My maintenance plan is flexible to fit your needs and budget. Whether you want serviced once a month, or every 2 weeks, I have an option to suit your needs. Plus, as a subscriber, you'll enjoy exclusive perks and discounts on additional services, making it even more cost-effective.

    Join the ranks of satisfied customers who have already experienced the joy of a perpetually pristine car with Regular Joe's Detailing. Say goodbye to the stress of maintaining your vehicle and embrace the comfort and confidence of driving a show-stopping, well-protected ride.

    Take control of your car's destiny today. Sign up for Regular Joe's Maintenance Car Care Plan and let me pamper your car like never before. Remember, life is too short to drive a dull and dirty car. Elevate your driving experience with Regular Joe's Detailing!